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Membership Benefits:

  • Quarterly Newsletter updating you on events, art shows and other happenings

  • Members Only Art Show once a year

  • Members Price for public art shows

  • Free ticket to our yearly  NYE event

  • Volunteer opportunities

  • Opportunity to teach a class at Studio 421

  • Discount on Art Camps

We love to support our members the same way they support us. We will be happy to share your art related social media accounts  on our website and Facebook page. 

Membership is $25 per year

Want to just be a benefactor?

That's Ok too. We love and value support from the community, so that we can continue to provide quality events in the community, Such as our

Arts and Curiousities Fest and Fall for the Arts Festival. 

Pay online (Click Buy Now below), By Snail Mail or Print out form and deliver in person.

Please make checks payable to Sunbury Arts Council.

Mail to:
Sunbury Arts Council
1242 Highland Ave

Sunbury, PA 17801

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The Sunbury Arts Council was formed to fill a need within our community. We strive to give artists valuable opportunities and resources to become successful. 


The Sunbury Arts Council will host several artist events located in Sunbury throughout the year.  In September of 2021, we will see our 5th year hosting the very successful Arts and Curiosities Fest located here in Sunbury.  We have always strived to embrace all artists, mediums, and genres from Musicians to Sculptors and everything in between.


We want to focus on helping new artist find successful avenues and resources, from Adults who just discovered their passion to young adults who will be moving into careers in the arts by offering scholarships, funding and providing outlets for their talents through exhibitions and other showcases such as vendor events. We know that it can be overwhelming and we want to help make it easier by not only providing resources but by providing experiences. Overall, we want to provide these opportunities right here in Sunbury. There is an abundance of talented artists located here and it is important to us that we help each other grow within our own community, without being exclusive.



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