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Become a member of the Sunbury Arts Council and support the arts in your community! 

  • Quarterly Newsletter updating you on events, art shows and other happenings.

  • Members Luncheon

  • Volunteer opportunities

Thank you for your contribution to the arts in your community. 

We love to support our members the same way they support us. We will be happy to share your art related social media accounts on our website and Facebook page.

 Email us your information.

Please make checks payable to Sunbury Arts Council.

Mail to:
Sunbury Arts Council
1242 Highland Ave. 

Sunbury, PA 17801

Membership Application


About US


The Sunbury Arts Council was started in 2014 with an idea to create a community that was more immersed in the arts. Our first event was The Arts and Curiosities Festival, in Stroh Alley. The event becomes home to 40 Artist and Makers who showcase and sell their work to thousands of people that visit each year from all over the region.  Since then, our festival has continued to grow each year.  Our goal was to create unique events for local artist, crafters and artisans.  With our successful event we have also founded the Bluegrass and Friends on Lake August, that is a music showcase to raise money for more inclusive music and art programs for the community's youth. 

The Sunbury Arts Council In addition to our events we host an annual art show as well as art abilities show in the fall. The Sunbury Arts Council hopes to add working with local school districts to produce more volunteer opportunities for students and offer scholarships to those who participate in arts programs when furthering their education.

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